Sports Massage

Up to 1.5 hour sports massage for those who need some work post exertion/sport or who have one or more areas of the body that needs attention.

Natasha is highly recommended by all of her clients. Her favoured treatment approach is deep tissue/sports massage and she is extremely effective in this form of therapy. She will consider the clients needs and goals and aim to give lifestyle and exercise advice to compliment her treatment sessions

Relaxing deep tissue massage

Deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. This firm full body treatment can be adapted to suit the individual and work on personal key areas of tension. Using oil enhanced with essential oils the massage is applied deep into the muscles, kneading and relaxing the whole body at a pressure guided by you.

The benefits from deep tissue  massage, include

  • stress relief
  • improved sleep
  • eased muscular pain
  • relief of joint pain
  • improved circulation
  • improved flexibility
  • assist in regulating blood pressure

Elena's unique and holistic approach to massage therapy incorporate a wide range of techniques that she has learned and honed over her 20 year career. Her sessions are always patient centred and deeply relaxing

Pregnancy massage

A gentle, safe massage for mothers who are looking to help reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Thai foot massage

A Thai foot massage applies pressure to particular areas of the soles of the feet. Hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles and a rounded wooden Thai foot massage stick are used to stimulates certain areas of the feet releasing blocked energy within the body's many Sens lines (Thai-based meridians)

Body spa massage

Soothe the mind and troublesome muscles. This massage is not as penetrative as the Relax Deep Tissue Massage, so is ideal for those with delicate areas of tension or in need of emotional release and mind relaxation. We begin with a thorough body brushing and exfoliation to warm and detoxify the skin. We then apply a scrumptious body scrub over the back which removes dead cells and boosts circulation. Tingling skin is refreshed with hot towels before a restorative and heady mix of aromatherapy oils designed to suit your mood is massaged in to the body, scalp, face, hands and feet, melting away stresses and calming busy minds. This heavenly treatment will lift your mood & reward your body.

Head and face massage

This is a deeply calming massage that is, as the name suggests, focused on the head and face. This massage helps circulation, eases tension and calms the spirit.


Reflexology is a way of tuning in and balancing the rest of your body through massaging the reflex points of your feet​​​​​​​. This will trigger a natural healing process in your body and allow your busy mind to switch off.

Indian Head Massage

This invigorating massage over the scalp, neck, shoulders can be performed both with or without oil. It eases tension whilst restoring fluid movements and has been known to relieve headaches, eyestrain and stiffness of the neck and shoulders.