July 4, 2022

We’ve all experienced random pain across our bodies. Or maybe experienced a weird twitching somewhere? Often we can’t explain why it’s happened. Luckily these little zaps and twitches don’t usually indicate an issue. Rather, it’s your nervous system running required background maintenance.

Which is a comfort, to say the least.

These twitches and zaps can occur if you’ve irritated a nerve, especially if you’ve moved in a certain way or are stressed or overtired. Zaps, spasms, and cramps are often completely random and rarely occur in the same spot. They’re nothing to worry about even when they spread.

They’re often short-lived and finish before we can properly register what’s happened. It’s natural to feel some concern, especially if you’re prone to them. It’s normal, though, and is no indication of a prolonged nerve issue. It’s more likely that there is a particular sensitivity in that nerve at that exact moment.

Remember, your nerve sensitivity constantly changes depending on your body's overall condition. Even minor changes to your physical health can increase your experiences of twitches and zaps. They’re so slight they don’t even present on nerve conduction tests.

So, if you find yourself randomly twitching, ask yourself, did you get enough sleep? Or have you had too much coffee? Either way, just relax and go with the electrical current flow.

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At Cathedral Chiropractic we have three chiropractors and we find that no two chiropractors are the same! What we can assure you is that each of us has our patient’s best interest at heart, that we keep up to date with the literature and keep our therapies evidence led and patient centred. We always Keep your experience in mind and work hard to make it the best we can offer.
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