July 15, 2022

Some of us are revelling in the heat wave and can't get enough of that fantastic tan. Some of us are not having such a lovely time of it. Whichever side of the fence you stand it remains important to be able to cool down if you need to.

Here are a few tips for staying cool.

  • Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is the key to maintaining and regulating the body's temperature. It is desirable to sweat as it's a natural way that we keep cool and to support this we need lots of water. Squash or pop are not as good but better than nothing!
  • Stay in the shade, especially between 11am and 3pm as these are the times that the sun is at its strongest and most likely to give you sunburn.
  • Dress in loose-fitting cotton and wear a hat with a brim. Shoes that won't make your feet hot will help too. We love flip-flops despite their bad reputation - just remember that they do alter the way you walk so get used to them gradually.
  • Freeze your sheets! I know it sounds daft but if you pop your sheets in the fridge or freezer for half an hour before you go to bed you'll find it a lot easier to fall asleep. Or put ice packs under the sheets (beware don't put ice directly on your skin).
  • Cool down your hot zones. Placing an icepack (wrapped in a tea towel) on these spots will help to cool you down a lot quicker - Ankles, Behind the knees, Wrists, Elbow bends, Neck, Temples.
  • Get Spicy. Weird but true; spicy food can help you cool down by increasing blood circulation and in turn gets you sweaty. As discussed above, sweating cools you down.
  • Make your own ice pops. There are lots of suggestions online for these and they are all delicious, cooling and refreshing.

Our Aspirations

At Cathedral Chiropractic we have three chiropractors and we find that no two chiropractors are the same! What we can assure you is that each of us has our patient’s best interest at heart, that we keep up to date with the literature and keep our therapies evidence led and patient centred. We always Keep your experience in mind and work hard to make it the best we can offer.
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