July 4, 2022

When chiropractors start to work with the nervous system, muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons and joints we sometimes unravel injuries from years ago. We may therefore shed layers of protective spasm or tension at each visit. This is a little like peeling away the layers of the onion in order to get to and understand the whole picture of what is going on with your body. Each time we are able to shed a layer we are a little bit closer to the central problem.

As human beings, we do not naturally reflect on how our bodies will recover as we are not taught to listen to the signals the body gives us. We grow up believing that we feel pain because a part of us is damaged – a grazed knee, or a fractured collar bone, for example. The natural result of this belief is that we protect the area until the pain goes away, adapt and change the way we move in order to accommodate an old injury. This results in complicated adaptation mechanisms that needs to be unraveled to get to the original problem.

Chiropractors are interested in the whole body. This is because we know that to get to the cause of the problem we need to move away from the idea that pain is something that will get better with a pill or operation. There have been some amazing discoveries in pain science over the past few years and here at C3 we examine and question you in detail to ascertain what actually is causing and contributing to your pain and discomfort. Your symptoms will change as you progress through your treatment programme, not only because you will be getting better, but also because your understanding of your body will improve. We put a strong emphasis on patient education and this is why we love it when a patient asks lots of questions. Rest assured, if we don’t know the answer we will try to find out.

Be kind to yourself and your habits; they might have taken a long time to be created, so allow yourself some time to change them.

Our Aspirations

At Cathedral Chiropractic we have three chiropractors and we find that no two chiropractors are the same! What we can assure you is that each of us has our patient’s best interest at heart, that we keep up to date with the literature and keep our therapies evidence led and patient centred. We always Keep your experience in mind and work hard to make it the best we can offer.
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