August 7, 2023

The first appointment may take up to an hour, this is so that you can discuss your condition and your health in depth with your chiropractor. This also allows time for a thorough physical examination and a discussion of likely diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment options (including risks and benefits), you will have a chance to ask questions or raise concerns. This time also allows for the actual treatment.

At follow up appointments most of the background work has been done. You will have a chance to give feedback on how you felt after your last treatment, discuss any questions or concerns and receive your treatment. Often the chiropractor will discuss your current symptoms with you as they are examining you and setting you up for treatment. This means that, unless you have new symptoms or problems, the appointment is usually quite quick - sometimes less than 10 mins.

One of the most frequent grumbles that we receive from patients is how quick their treatment appointment was. Our answer is usually that you are not paying for the chiropractors time, you are paying for their expertise, experience and the treatment. Most adjustments are completed in a matter of seconds but have effects on the neuro-musculoskeletal system that can last for weeks. Very often some stretching and soft tissue work will complement the treatment very well and reviewing the home exercises and advice may add a little bit of time. Usually all of this can be achieved within 15 mins. So you see, treatment length may vary according to the needs of the individual. Extra time can be allocated for very complicated patients or for those with multiple complaints and conditions that need treating.

The advantages of the efficiency of chiropractic care are

  • Our patients generally get better very quickly - more than 80% report feeling significant improvements within a few weeks of starting a course of treatment.
  • We don't waste time - many people come in for their adjustment before work, in their lunch break or on their way home. They are in and out quickly, feel immediate benefits and get on with their lives.
  • You will always get the time that you need. If you are doing well and improving as expected then you don't need 20 mins of discussing how your cat is doing. If things are not as good as you would like you will have the opportunity to discuss this.

If you feel rushed, under pressure or not cared for by your chiropractor then please do raise this with us immediately as this is certainly not the way that we want people to feel about their chiropractic appointments.

If you would prefer to pay for a long, relaxing, soft tissue massage, stretch and restore then we highly recommend our massage therapists.

Our Aspirations

At Cathedral Chiropractic we have three chiropractors and we find that no two chiropractors are the same! What we can assure you is that each of us has our patient’s best interest at heart, that we keep up to date with the literature and keep our therapies evidence led and patient centred. We always Keep your experience in mind and work hard to make it the best we can offer.
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